Banana Hanger For Wine Glass / Stemware Rack

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SummaryI have a lot of stemware rack space and I thought this would be a good way to keep my bananas off the counter and out of the way. Before I started 3D printing, I had made these from extra large washers, nuts and long bolts but this is a much cleaner way. The flat threads makes it much easier to print after experimenting with many fully round versions, enjoy! I also added another version of the hook, without the point on the end. I have not printed that version yet but the other version is pretty sharp.Print SettingsPrinter: Prusa i3 MK2Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .20Infill: 25%Notes: I am sure the infill could be much lower, I just wanted to make sure it was sturdy when fully loaded.

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