BCN3D Sigma E3D v6 Hotend Mount


SummaryThis is a E3D v6 hotend mount for the BCN3D Sigma. I still need to supply proper instructions so plear bear with me! :)Let's Do ItParts Required E3D v6 Hotends 2 of these Connectors Please be aware that the E3D v6 hotends will not have the correct connectors. It's up to you to modify as needed. The connectors used for the Sigma are as follows: Hotend UK USA Fans (You don't need these. Just for reference, You can use the stock fans) UK Nuts & Bolts (Total for both extruders) 4x 30MM hex head M3 bolts (To hold the front & back plate) 8x 25mm dome/button hex M3 bolts (To hold the layer fan) 4x 6MM dome/button hex M3 bolts (to hold the layer fan tray) 8x 16MM dome/button hex M3 bolts (to hold the hotend fan) 8x M3 nyloc nuts (to hold the hotend fan) It's now up to you to put this together. Detailed instructions will follow, i promise.Printing You should print at a 0.1 layer height to get any of the threads correct. The back plate should use 85% infill and the other parts should use 50% infill Only use support for the layer fan tray Changelog2016/08/10 - Added pictures of the nuts & bolts and connectors to the description - Updated the links to USA suppliers of the connectors thanks to freddotu

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