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SummaryThe Yoshimoto Cube is a polyhedral mechanical puzzle toy invented in 1971 by Japanese Naoki Yoshimoto (�本直貴, Yoshimoto Naoki). The cube is made up of eight interconnected cubes and it is capable of folding and unfolding itself in a cyclic fashion. You can keep folding, or unfolding the cube, indefinitely. Once folded, the cube can be turned into two rhombic stellated dodecahedrons. Yoshimoto discovered that these two shapes could pieced together into a square when he was finding different ways he could split a cube equally in half. --------------------------------UPDATE------------------------------------ 6/13/2010 Yoshimoto Cube has just been blogged about on Makezine http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/06/3d-printable_yoshimoto_cube.html 6/13/2010 As suggested by Michael Ragan, \"Now the n+1 step would be to design a printable mold for this component, so you could print the mold and cast, what is it--16 of these units that you need to make the cube? Then find the right kinda tape to make the hinges. \" I have added a two different molds. A open part mold or a 4 part mold. More information below. Saw this Puzzle on Makezine yesterday and wanted one. http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/06/the_yoshimoto_cube.html The bad news is the Yoshimoto Cube cost $65.00!!! Ouch http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10451&storeId=10001&parent_category_rn=11480&categoryId=21658&partNumber=67866&LangId=-1&promoCode=8K119&cid=GPS07230901 After two hour of modeling in SolidWorks I was to model the whole assembly! More information and how to tape up the model can be found here. http://www.instructables.com/id/Crazy-Star-Cube-!/ Later I will add an Active hinge for easy assembly. But till then enjoy! I am building my Mendel right now, So I will not be able to print this model for a month or so. But would really like to see it working! In SolidWorks this model works great! If you are thinking of building one tell me and Ill add your pictures & Videos if you make then! InstructionsPrint 16 parts and watch this videos to understand how to assembly the parts. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1014711/crazy_star_cube_nice_paper/ Print 8 one color and 8 another color for a bi-color Yoshimoto Cube. Mold Instructions: 1) Print off either the One or four mold 2) Printer 1 to 4 Yoshimoto cubes 3) Sand down all rough edges and try to make everything very smooth. (Or keep it with a rough organic \"Makerbot\" style.) 4) Take the cubes to the mold. (Optional add releasing agent to the mold) 5)Tape Yoshimoto Cubes to either the one or 4 part mold. 6) Pour resin into mold 7) Let rest till completely hardened 8) Remove Tape and pop your new part out. Optional Instead of using expensive resins, use a hot glue gun as the filler. Cheap, easy, and fast (Just the way I like it!!)

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