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Description: The Alpha Penguin is a simple but smart pocket screwdriver/multi tool. it can hold 6 bits (7 with the one in use). there are 3 different ways to use it and it also has other unique features. you can use the body as a protractor/ goniometer, it has a screws checker and a memo with the conversion from inch to centimeters. 

printing settings: for my prototypes I used PLA filament with 100% in fill  and it's strong enought to screw a screw.

the model has a tolerance of 0.5mm and with a print speed of 60 mm/s and 0.2mm layers, I obtained a good result from my BQ Witbox.


You will need a ⌀5mm x 3mm extra magnet (Should be put into the MODI hole). 

if the hole is too big, just put a drop of glue on the magnet and paste it into the hole.

I hope you will enjoy it and thanks if you're going to buy it (I'm a student, extra money are always usefull). 

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