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SummaryWork is based off wizard23's A-Mazing box with a twist. UPDATE: AFTER WRIGHT1 First print the model has been modified for a better fit between the top and bottom. Version 1 has been removed and only Version 2 is available for download now. If you print the New model please Tell me how it went. Any problems with the print and how is the functionality. It would be great to see a video of this Combo Lock in Action. Do I smell Iphone 4G HD video coming? Keep you valuables safe with the COMBO LOCK By Robotguy. With Ten digits and 5 layers to Crack, even a professional Lock smith will have trouble! But by knowing the Trick "Easy as Pi" the lock should easily open. Looking for somebody to print this model out. I am about 75% done with my mendel and would like to see this thing in action soon.Instructions1)Print the EASY AS Pi bottom 2)Print the EASY AS Pi Top 3)Place valuables in EASY AS Pi bottom (Makerbot Coins or electronics) 4)Twist EASY AS Pi top on till it rest at the bottom layer. (Should Take 5 Spins CW or CCW) 5) Place on your Desk or Dresser and rest assure your valuables are safe

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