IBITE Iphone 4 Hat clip


SummaryEver tried to record a video, but you need to move the camera and have both hands free? Here is the solution. Also could be used for action shots if you do not have a Gopro I do not have a Iphone 4 yet, but Have modeled this design off of a Iphone 4 3D model and this design http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22250 Please tell me if you have other phone you want this idea modeled with. I need the Thickness & width. InstructionsPrint IBITE Iphone 4 Hat clip Slide Iphone 4 into clip Slide Gator's Mouth onto the brim of your had Press record and enjoy I have found it easier to look above the camera (Between the camera and the hat brim) than try to focus on the screen. If the screen was set back 100mm from your eyes you could use this to watch videos on a car ride or airplane.

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