SummarySimple 3d Printable Hot wire For Cutting expandable mesh and other wire coverings. InstructionsHardware: 1 X 12-18 volt 1amp+ wall transformer 1 X 26-31 awg nichrome wire 50mm long (I used ) 2 X 50mm M4 cap head screw 6 X M4 Washers 6 X M4 Nuts 1 X Snap Action Switch or similar switch ~Optional but recommended~ ( I used Assembly: 1) Cut connector off wall transformer 2) Cut 20mm of wire off transformer 3) Separate wires and strip one 4) Strip wires on wall transformer 5) Feed bolts half way through plastic housing 6) Solder switch inline and wrap wires around both bolts 7) Pull bolts all the way and add a washer and nut 8) Tighten bolt 9) Glue switch and wires in places. ( I used hot glue but epoxy would work as well) 10) Add two washer and nuts to the top of the terminates 11) Wrap Nichrome between one set of washers 4 times and tighten nuts 12) Squeeze bolts and wrap nichrome between the other two washers 4 times 13) Tighten bolts and release tension om bolts 14) Test and enjoy

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