No Tangle Flag Collar kit


SummaryHave you ever had a Flag Furl on your Flag pole? Problem solved with this simple product. This item is similar to these other commercially available products: InstructionsThese flag collars are designed for a 19mm diameter pole. Either Scale up or down the STL files to match you exact pole diameter or comment below on your pole diameter. I can quickly modify the Solidworks file to match your pole diameter. (Important Side note: Very important to have the STL scaled right. The fixed collar is modeled exactly at 19mm and is a snug fit on the pole. Required a small screw driver to open up the fixed collar to fit over the 19mm pole. If the fix collar is too big the Zip Ties will not hold them in place.) Print: 2 X No_Tangle_Flag_Collar_Swivel_19mm_Pole.STL 2 X No_Tangle_Flag_Collar_Fixed_19mm_Pole.STL Find: 4 X Zip Ties Use this document below on how to assemble your Fixed and Swivel Collars. Instead of using set screws use Zip ties to hold the fixed collar in place. Make sure the Head of the zip tie is facing down to avoid the flag becoming caught on it. Use the remaining zip ties to attach the flag to the Swivel collar.

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