Organic flower pot / Voronoi Vase (2-color)

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The organic flower pot / Voronoi vase (2-color version)

A beautiful flower pot or vase permeated with organic voronoi.

Color version: 2-color (V. 1.0) 

This two-color flower pot is the  version for dual extruder.  The two (color-)files are provided with small corners so that they are automatically set correctly inside the other.

Images: The photos show the two-color version (white-green) and a monochrome print (white). Printed with PLA.

The two-color version pot was printed with bad old white filament, but gave a great special effect. It is planted with carnivorous plants (Dionaea/Venusfliegenfalle and Sarracenia/Schlauchpflanze).


If you have no 3D-printer, you can buy a printed copy here:  

2-Color Sandstone:



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