Cane Holder w/ Belt Clip Version 1.3 Final


Summary1.0: I grew tired of constantly dropping my cane when having to use both my hands for something else, so I came up with this. The ID of the opening is 0.868" (22.04mm). If you would like a different size opening for other canes let me know the dimension and I'll release another version. 1.1: Made some minor adjustments to the clip angle, to make it easier attaching/releasing it from the belt. I made the outer radius smaller on the top of the clip, leaving more material making it a bit stronger, since it seemed to be a weak point. 1.2: Added notches on the cane holder, also added a securing strap. The strap should be printed with Ninja Flex. 1.3: So this is the final version of the cane holder, I'm pretty happy with the overall design, and how it works. I spent a lot of time testing the designs to get it perfect. I improved how the strap attaches to the holder, making it easier to use. The end without holes will need to be superglued into the slot on the holder itself(as shown in the first screenshot). I noticed the inside of the holder was becoming a bit loose after a while due to removing/attaching the cane holder. So I tightened the radius up a bit. You may have to grind out the inside to get the fit you like. Print SettingsPrinter: Prusa i3 mendelRafts: YesSupports: YesResolution: 0.2mmInfill: 100% Notes: I printed this with ABS. Ninja Flex or a similair filament would be ideal for both the holder and the strap.

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