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SummaryNeedle and filament is a family of insulin pump covers. This work is a part of my degree dissertation, called "Ago e Filo", a thesis about the insulin microinfuser and the Diabetes. The products have been made with the collaboration of +LAB for a graduation in Design Engineering. InstructionsThe method of shaping resambles the one used by Andreas Bastian: dip the flat print in hot water (>80c°) and wait few seconds. After heating remove the piece from water and put on the mounting template. Bend the product on the template to obtain the correct geometry of the cover, keep it in position for cooling and next remove. You should obtain a light cover for your micropump (Accuchek Combo or Animas Vibe) MINIMAL COMBO: put the flat print of the cover in hot water and bend the sides once on the template. The cover has a clip for hanging on your clothes: to open it you have to form the little extension notched on the cover. You can bend it as you prefere, at your favourite and comfortable angle. SKULL COMBO: is the most personalized product of the family. This cover was made for a single user, who was passionate about skulls. I will provide a file without the initial letters of his name. To obtain the cover, the process is the same of the other products. IMPORTANT!!: first put the flat print on the mounting template. Next, dip one side per time in the hot water and bend. It may result difficult the first time, the geometry is quite complex. For the clip, you have to bend the relative part of the cover on this one, NOT around the template. (will upload detailed photoes). ANIMAS ZOOM: for the Animas serie and the Minimal combo pause_print, I made a pause in the printing process. This feature has been made to put a shaped Fresnel lens into the cover, for the Animas model. The Minimal combo pause_print offers the possibility to change material to obtain a double colour cover or an overprint with a different material (my tests has been made with PLA Flex). MEDTRONIC MINIMED: I have modified the clip previously made by two users: adding holes, you can insert a lace into the clip and ensure your pump to your belt. This product must be intended as a replace part, not break your originalMedtronic clip!!!

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