Institute Laser Rifle Fallout 4


SummaryThis is a model of the Institute Rifle from Fallout 4. I have seperated the gun into smaller parts (Front, Reciever, Stock) to make it easier to print. The reciever comes in two seperate versions - the on with cap is easy to print because it is a closed mesh, the one without the cap may cause some issues (mesh not closed completely) but looks cooler (reveals some cables inside). Have Fun. UPDATE 12/17/2015 There is a difference between part '006a 2 OPEN' and '006a 2 CLOSED' (you will only need one of this parts for assembly). The 'OPEN' part has two open areas in the body which may be covered up with clear plastic to add light-effects or you can insert the electronics to adjust / manage lightning and sound-effects there. The 'CLOSED' part simply has this holes covered. �  UPDATE 12/10/2015 Split the model into multiple parts and addet some connectors to make assembly easy. The Power Cell-Model iss made to fit a standard 9V-battery (until you down-scale to lower then 80%) for people who want to make the trigger usable for sound- and / or light-effects.

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