E3D V6 Mount with Fan for CTC / Flashforge / Replicator

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SummaryI wasn't really satisfied with the available E3D V6 Mounts for my CTC, so I created my own version. There are 2 Versions available - they are all the same, but different! I would hardyl recommend V003 for single or V007 for dual setup. For assembly you will need 4 M3 nuts, 2 M3x30 screws (head-style doesn't matter, but the designs are for countersunk), 2-4 screws to mount the 40 mm fan, 2 M3x20 screws to mount the whole thing to the extruder carriage and one push-in fitting for the 4mm (OD) bowden tube. For the extruder I used the standard springloaded extruder and mounted it using the 000 parts on the back (the CTC already has the correct mounting holes). The current Version for a single extruder conversion is V003. The current Version for a dual extruder setup is V007 - you can choose to use my part cooler design or just use your own. The left hotend has around 1 mm play for hight-adjustment. Update 07.02.2016 I just added a .rar with all released models as .stp-filesPrint SettingsPrinter: CTC 3DRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.2Infill: 25 %, 4 ShellsNotes: I only used support on the bridge part to keep the Mounting for the hot end smooth.Post-PrintingThe horizontal nozzle-distance is 36 mm (in Software, make sure to measure the actual value). You have to attach the extruder mount on the top-most position of the back panel of your printer - otherwise it may interfere with your spools / spool holder.

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