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SummaryI wanted to hang a game board on the wall without damaging it. I typically use 3M Command damage free hanging strips for this sort of thing but I dont like the idea of having something stuck to the back of the game board when i take it of the wall to play the game. So I created this simple hanger that will hold the board to the wall. You simply stick the Command Strip to the back of a few hangers, stick Them to the wall and slide the game board on the hanger. You can pull the game board down off the wall at any time, there will be nothing stuck to it and you can rehang the board after your are done without needing to use a new command strip. The hanger is sized for a 12lb strip (52mm x 19mm) and can hold a board that is up to about 7mm thickPrint SettingsPrinter Brand: PrintrbotPrinter: Simple BlackRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.3Infill: 100Notes: i print these on their side. This gives a 90 degree overhang on one of the back edges. This overhang is very thin (0.5mm) and does not print well without a bit of support. I set my support to 10% for this. Sometimes these edges are still a bit sloppy and can be fixed with CA or slurry. But it does not really matter as this part of the print will be against the wall and behind your game board

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