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SummaryThe O.M.E. acrylic top beaks easily. Here is my alternative, It can be flipped for your application/setup. FPV? A Video Tx, and a camera would fit nicely. The V notch is in the front to accommodate a camera. A side note this is my first start to finish design. I've had my Cubex for 6 months now. Kissliser running the show. I have used the cheap filament you know the $19.99 reels. I tried the more expensive stuff on this print, man what a difference in the finish of the part. Night and day. It may just be a fluke? I won't know till I print something else?InstructionsThe file is there. Slice it. Save it. Print it. Enjoy. This is the first print, I was not sure if I would have to print it again. To adjust the hole pattern, It fit the first run. I included the Sketchup file in case someone needs to modify it? http://www.fortisairframes.com/titan-tricopter-frame-kit/

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