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SummaryThese are my X-ends. They consist of three different parts that can be printed separately and then assembled with 3mm bolts and nuts, don't forget washers. If say the motor holder breaks you can print only that part. Motor and idler mount should less likely break when tightening X-belt since they are printed flat against the bed. Works with LM8UU. Put the M8 nut on the underside only and add a really small drop of super glue if you think it needs it. I haven't actually printed this yet, but will soon. Sivar has had some good experience with this and has been a real help. Check his print from the "Made"-section. Updates: 6/13/2013: Added thin raft to a part that was prone to detach from bed. 6/2/2013: Added V3 files. The smooth rod clamping is now completely different and should fix the bending that happened before. V3 parts are compatible with original ones, so if you already printed the first files but wan't to test out the new base, it will work with your existing motor and idler bracket.

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