Air Assist Clamp and Cap.


SummaryAir Assist Clamp and Cap for K40 style 40W Chinese blue and white CO2 laser.The clamp and cap will hold/fit a 1/4 inch OD tube. I used a scrap of copper tube from an icemaker water line. The cap file has two caps. One at .5mm larger. Choose your best friction fit. The screw holes are 4MM on top, and 2mm on the side. you may have to drill out the side holes a bit.InstructionsPrint the parts. get some 1/4in OD thin wall copper tubing. Place the cap on one end. Test fire laser to make a dot on some material. With the capped tube secured in the clap, bend the end of the tube to point the tapered end of the capped tube at the mark from the test fire. Attach your air source and enjoy.

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