K8200 4.5" Utility Shelf With Mounting Tabs

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SummaryI have a Wifi Camera I like to use, but I had to set it on the rail and it always fell to the floor. So, I made this quick 'n easy utility shelf to make a home for it. It attaches to the K8200 rails, and the print is tight enough that the shelf will stay in place for you to tighten the screws. It measures 4.5" Deep, and 4" wide. With the diagonal support structure you could easily scale it wider/shorter to suit your needs. Enjoy! -DPrint SettingsPrinter: Velleman K8200Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .25Infill: 10%Notes: Nothing special about the print. I used a glue stick to bond the print to the bed. No rafts or support needed. Print top down!

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