ROBO3D Cable Chain (Install without removing wires) + Stepper Mo

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SummaryYou no longer need to remove ANY wires to put this cable chain mod. 2 chain links with alternating open sides, a modified chain end that connects to the Stepper motor mount (more mobility), the other end without a top and a new Stepper motor mount with more space for wires and the nice "R" logo of Robo3D.Print SettingsRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: .3Infill: 40%Notes: Pieces to print: 41

19 with open bottom, 19 with open top, 1 longer end link w/open bottom, chain end with open top and Stepper motor mount. (would recommend 2 or 3 more prints of the open top and open bottom links - you might break one while putting them on)

You will need a little support on the Stepper Motor mount. Also since the chain links have a small area on the bottom, I would recommend a raft.

You don't need to remove any wires, although you will need to remove part of the original black chain cable that comes with the printer. I leave it up 8 inches, then I start the cable chain I created (pic included)

You can use the screw holes on the end link or use velcro like I did. Also use twist ties to make sure everything stays in place (don't think I needed it but I like to make sure)

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