Desktop Spool Holder in 4 build plates

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SummaryI found the original a bit problematic to print, so I shortend it, and also make it into 4 printable plates. Then printed it in ABS. I used small bearings to act as the covers, as they seem to look better. I will update the github version: Filament Spool holder designed for desktop. Took and reduced the height of the handle and printed it in black abs. Used small bearing to hold the full size bearings in place in my remix. Print qty 1 each of plate1.stl,plate2.stl,plate3.stl,plate4.stl. Use a drill, and drill for m3 holes. Note the m3 screws need to be snug. 14 m3x10 screws (What I had) 4 #608 Skate bearings Slide Bearings on posts, use the printed caps, or small bearings to hold the #608 in place. m3 screw to to hold bearings, and mount frame togeather.

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