Kossel SFX Power Supply Mount

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SummaryA fellow reprapper(Steve from Quickfab) recommended a Nice SFX Power Supply for a 3dprinter build, and thought I'd try. Im using the SilverStone SFX Supply, 500Watts with 40Amps on the 12Volt rail. This mounts perfectly, using Kossel 25000 Brackets. https://github.com/glennswest/behemouthPrint SettingsPrinter: Wanhao I3Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .40 Nozzle with .25 Layer HeightInfill: 100%Notes: Make sure this is good quality PLA, there quite a bit of weight on this.Post-PrintingPrepI put the screws in backwards clears the screws on atx side. For the SFX side, the screws in the box work fine. Use T-nut into the rails to mount.How I Designed ThisDesignThis uses openscad, so feel free to hack it.

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