Candy Dish - Picking Einstein's Brain

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A candy dish, for when you have a brilliant idea. This is a remix of a model from Lincolnshire museum based on the original sculpture. I hollowed it out and added the hinge to turn it into a candy dish. Those are mini m&ms in the bowl, to give you an idea of scale. This is my holiday gift to a number of friends and family. Maybe it will be yours too.

The hinge uses a piece of 1.75 mm filament as the hinge pin. For a finish, I primed it and then applied a mix of real bronze powder and glue followed by a coat of varathane. The bronze had to be polished first. I'm sure it will look nice with just paint as well or leave it raw.

I printed in ABS at .4 resolution, and it took about 7 hours.  The hinge needed a little sanding between the joints to make it fit, and also the pin hole had to be drilled to clean it up. It measures 16 cm high and the base is 6 x 6 cm.  From the nose to the back of the head, it is 9 cm at its largest.

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