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SummaryThis is my contest entry for FirstBuild's Icebox Challenge! With small refrigerators, it is common to have difficulty fitting everything you want into the available space. Usually, the problem is with horizontal space; there is plenty of vertical space to use, if only you could stack your groceries! And the cartons that eggs come in are far too wide to fit in your refrigerator! However, with the Universal Stacking Egg Carton, that won't be a problem any more! You can stack your eggs as high as you want. If you have multiple sizes of eggs, you can sort them by layer without having to rescale the print for each size. And if you want a different layout for your egg container, you can use the interlocking pieces to make pretty much whatever layout you want!InstructionsI am familiar with the differences between and limitations of different printers. For that reason, the basic 2X2 and 2X3 blocks can be printed without support and with loose or tight tolerances. These blocks also use less plastic than the interlocking pieces. The interlocking pieces are the same for each version, except that the size of the gap for the insertion blocks ranges between 5 and 7 mm thick (if your printer has tighter tolerances, use the Tight piece; if you do not know about your printer's capabilities, print the Test Plate first). The plates are simply a set of four pieces of the specified tolerance. The Test plate is one of each tolerance piece, which can be tested with each other to determine the optimum gap for your printer. The pieces should be tight-fitting so that they do not fall apart when used in stacks. I suggest filing the protruding blocks (5 mm thick) to fit inside of the gap after printing.

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