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My girlfriend has a camp in the Adirondacks and loves my Summertime Party Picks and Sticks. She asked me to make her some pine tree sticks and I just couldn't let it go without black bears and fish sticks. These are an easy print, use PLA. (I used Cheetah filament for the bears and Armadillo filament for the fish because of the colors). Best to wait a few minutes before removing from the build plate as you can bend the sticks and picks.  I hear PETG is food safe however some argue that bacteria can live in the layer ridges.

Even though these are meant for PLA, I create these designs to encourage people to try out flexible filaments or get some new interesting colors of flexibles.  Inventory Clearance Sale going on now. Try Ninjaflex, Cheetah, EEL or Armadillo for $6.99. Flexy and flexy2 for $2.99

Photograph is of the New York Finger Lakes by John Francis McCarthy

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