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SummaryThis a yet another Wanhao Duplicator i3 pen holder. It's designed to mount to the extruder fan port, and needs very little to get you going! Things you'll need: 3x 3mm bolts/screws 3x 3mm nuts The drawing part is a little tricky the first time through, but makes more sense as you use it more. The basic slicer settings are: Extruder temp: 0 Hotbed temp: 0 Z lift on retract: 5mm (3mm and up is good) Retract distance = 0.01mm Minimum distance to retract: 0.1mm You then set the model to the Z offset of your paper/pcb/card/etc. and print it, watch it carefully as it makes the first line (if your zdepth is off, you pen will be mushed into the surface; I'm adding a springed design soon that will sort this issue out)Print SettingsPrinter: Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2Rafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: any (I used 0.1mm layers)Infill: 30% and up

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