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I know nobody who not have full use of his hands or fingers, so I try during a day to use my hand like a person who has a  handicaps. During this day I realized that it was dificult to use my computer keyboard, so I decide to create an artificial finger that allows to use any buttons. I start by making drawings of my project, then I model the artificial finger on the software: Cinema 4D. This software is not easy to use, I spend a lot of time designing the design of the artificial finger. I also do a lot of prototypes before finding the right form. This artificial finger is comfortable and simple to use. 

I created four artificial fingers size, so there are four stl file. These four fingers are easy to print, I have a bad 3d printer but I've even got good results printing.

I'm 15 and I speak French, I don't speak English very well, so there's probably a lot of mistakes in the text that I wrote.

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