Elemental Village - Arcane Library


A center for learning and the expansion of magical knowledge and lore, the Arcane Library is a centerpiece for the Elemental Village, a central point for members of every element to come together and advance the art of magecraft. 

The Arcane Library is a multi-part model that includes all of the STL files necessary to 3D print the model.

Default scaled for 28mm games and is able to be re-scaled for print to be played with any game. Assembly and painting required. 

Need some guidance for a paint scheme? Check out our Elemental Village Painting Guide on our downloads page. 

Product Dimensions 110W x 300H x 122D (mm)Printing Recommendations

Supports: Yes

Raft: No (PLA - Heated Bed), Yes (PLA - No Heated Bed, ABS)

Design Files

File Size

231 KB
137 KB


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