Safety Razor Case


Here is a case to hold a Merkur classic safety razor and some extra blades.  I recommend printing the assembly file to eliminate the risk of snapping the hinge on assembly, depending on the filament you choose.  The larger pocket on the right side is meant for extra razors, the bottom right is mean to house the blade guard for drying after it is cleaned post-shave, the bottom left pocket is for drying the cap and the cylindrical hole is meant to act as a stand for the handle. The gaps are all modeled at .010" clearances, so your printer needs to be able to hold +/-.005" for it to fit together.

Printer Brand: SeeMeCNC

Printer: Rostock MAX

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: .25mm

Infill: 20%


The stl's import as I printed them with the large bases against the build plate.

Design Files

File Size

Merkur Travel Case_Lid v1.1.STL
146 KB
Merkur Travel Case_Base v1.1.STL
171 KB


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