Flexible Lightning Wrist Bands and Ankle Band

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One of the easiest things to print in flexible filament is a wristband. This one however is tricky because of the embossed lightning bolts. I printed these in 2 different flexible filaments. The lower the "shore hardness" the stretchier they are. I printed the pink Ninjaflex one (SH = 85A) and could stretch it over my foot to wear it as an ankle bracelet. The red, white and blue ones were printed in Cheetah (SH = 95A) and although they were super easy to print and they are flexible I couldn't stretch the medium one over my hand or the large one over my ankle. The small is for little kids. I commissioned this design from Z. Frew.

I create these designs to encourage people to try out flexible filaments or get some new interesting colors of flexibles. For more info on purchasing starter quantities see flexyfilament.com

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