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This is a real working 1/4 scale BattleBot drone. The full sized model "AfterByte" can be seen on BattleBots:The Gears Awaken (2016).



This file was designed for the Form 2 and other Formlabs printers, see www.Formlabs.com . We finished our first drone in a day with our Form 2,  the prints required no drilling or sanding to fit the motors, wires, zip ties etc.

Step 1

Prep and print the files: We have designed our .stl's to work with many different motors simply by scaling the file.  If you plan to use our parts list, you will want the files scaled by 50%, final file sizes should be:

Wing - 75.04x65.92x204.7mm

Flight Body - 109.64x52.85x130.16mm

Fight Body - 109.64x125.97x117.32mm

Step 2

Order Parts: Hobby King = friend :D

4x Motor = $35.60

4x ESC- motor controller = $40.40

1x Lipo Battery Pack = $9.99

2+x Carbon Fiber Propellers  = $7.36

1x Naze32 Flight Controller  = $19.99

TOTAL: $113.34

If this is your first drone, you will also need a Flight Remote and Battery Charger.

Step 3

Body Assembly + Motor wiring:  You will need a bit of epoxy to hold the body and wings together. The channel in the arms is easily big enough to handle the wires from the motors, but not much else. For our installation we cut the banana plugs off the motor leads and soldered all three wires to a guide wire (1m).  We then ran this guide through the motor cradle hole. By gently pulling the guide, the motor wires will follow with little resistance. 

Step 4

ESC + Logic Wiring:  If your building the Flight Body, get that flight controller in early! the more wires you have down there, the harder it will be to install. The ESC's will be soldered directly to the motor wires you pulled through the frame. By default the motors should spin counter clockwise, just cross any two motor wires to change the motor direction. Just logic and battery wiring left

Step 5

FLY!!!!!: And try not to crash. Maybe pick up a $30 micro drone to practice before smashing your beautiful drone.

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