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I have designed this Heart-In-Heart as a gift for my girlfriend's birthday. The most romantic move I've done in last few years :) so she appreciated it, even it does not say "Swarovski". It does look fantastic after all.

The inner hear should have been easy removable but in my print they did fit tight, so we will not be able to remove them. I've modified the design and increased the gap with 0.1mm gap on both parts, so that they will fit easier.

Later will think about designing a holder for the heart. Or maybe somebody will do it on their own. 

Be prepared, this print will eat a lot of plastic - my print weights 136 grams at 20% infill (Simplify3D estimates ~20m of yellow plastic and ~2.7m of red plastic).

0.2mm layer is smooth enough, much more if you use something to smooth the surface.

After 10 downloads this print will become free.


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