Minimal Z-Autoleveling adapter


SummaryI don't expect anyone actually printing this but I leave it here for inspiration. A while back I added a mesh based levelling feature to Marlin. The normal bed levelling feature in Marlin was not good for my printer, first it would need some extra hardware and secondly it needs a flat surface (which i mathematically tilt) which my printer did not have because of the large build area (a RigidBot Big). The mesh method I created was very manual, and now I wanted to make it a little bit automatic. It is still a little bit manual. My idea was to keep things small and simple. So this requires mounting a switch sensor on the hotend, in my case a Pico hotend. This is my simple design of a small adapter that I glued onto a micro switch endstop. So first one move the hotend up and manually mount the sensor on the hotend. Then run the probe sequence. After that remove the sensor and run a probe to find the right Z offset. Do I need to say it should be mounted only when the hotend is cold? My Marlin repo, containing configuration for a RigidBot Big + RAMPS 1.4 + BullDog XL + Pico hotend X carriage In use video

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