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SummaryLens cap for Gopro3, lens centered mount and quick release for gimbal lens cover. Used Gopro Silver for sizing, added microphone hole in case. 1 and 2 are press on, A and B are for the DYS brushless gimbal quick release. Update4/17/14: Frame is good now, I made my own from scratch. Update5/13/14 Made cover 1 and 2 for 32mm lexan to move out of frame on wide shots, Add quick release mount parts for DYS 3 axis brushless gimbalInstructionsYou need to cut a piece of clear covering 32mm square. I used 0.78mm thick lexan from a Stratasys Titan 3d printer build sheet. You can use whatever you want as long as it is about 32mm square and less than 0.8mm thick. The cover will press on to the lens of the Gopro 3 Silver and align to the notches in the camera. It is tight. The case is now my design, I moved the pivot mount to center the lens on the base. EDIT: lexan was 30mm square, made bigger to get out of wide shots on gopro. Also black out the edge of the lexan if you don't want a vignette of the color you printed.

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