Greeting Card Holder/Stand


SummaryWe like to display the holiday and thank you cards we received by standing them on shelves, desks and tables. The problem is every time you walk by, the slightest breeze topples them over, or cards with horizontal top folds end up doing the splits and looking silly. If you have the same problems, print a handful of these little card holders and put them to work. Each holder has two card slots, one strait and one slanted. The straight one work for cards that have a vertical fold or single page cards. The slanted slot is for cards with a horizontal top fold. Each slot has a small bump and divot in it to securely hold paper in a range of thicknesses. For those heavy or difficult to control cards, you can also use a small dab of tacky poster putty on the base to hold them securely to a surface. They are also useful as place card or business card holders. So print a handful for yourself or give a bunch as gifts.

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