Rear View Bike Cam


This is a rear view bicycle camera using affordable components that can be found on Amazon along with a simple 3d printable case along with clamps that will attach the units to your bike. Some concepts for the case style have been put together, but unfortunately I didn't start the contest until it was almost done so I was unable to finish the stylized cases.

The setup runs off of 3 rechargeable 9v batteries and can be upgraded in a few ways. One way is to swap out the antenna for a flexible antenna that can be tucked inside the case along with a IR night vision camera for biking at night.

The electronics are composed of a mini FPV cam like you would use for a quadcopter , a small LCD monitor, an RF receiver, and a YKS transmitter. Throw in some switches, LEDs , and a bit of soldering and you got yourself a fancy digital rear view camera setup. I hope you like it!

Design Files

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LCD Inner Case.obj
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LCD Case.obj
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LCD Back.obj
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