SummaryBehold: DupliGator! This is probably my best Thingiverse posting yet. I'm very excited to share with you, via non-commercial license, the DupliGator. It works just like the machine at the hardware store that copies keys, like a router duplicator, and also like a lathe duplicator except that there is no motorized machinery and it works in 3D. The idea is that you glue a source object to one geared platform using glue stick or other temporary glue, then you adhere a destination object in a removable way to the other gear. Next if you are right handed, you hold the gears steady with your left hand and guide the tool with your right hand over the source object, theoretically carving the destination material into the desired shape (approximately). Now do be forewarned that this is a work in progress and I do not have any wax, clay, or chocolate for testing. So if you spend half a day printing this thing (if all goes well) and it does not work, do not be disappointed. I have tested it with no destination object and it works great in theory and in application. The best method is not to make stabbing or chiseling motions but rather to drag the toolhead over the work. So if it's untested, why am I so excited? Well, not everybody is a 3D printing enthusiast with a scanner and 3D software expertise. In fact, as you know, there are far more people who do not have the time or inclination to get into our hobby or work. So this DupliGator is for them! To make a one-off copy of some object in chocolate for a cake topper, it's the wOw factor that they need. Also creators who wish to make lost wax statues can use this thing. The applications go on and on with the imagination. Please note that the gears, counterrotating as gears like to do, will cause a mirrored object to be made. It will take an improvement to the OpenSCAD file (which I plan to do in time) to add a third gear for making non-mirrored objects. Print SettingsPrinter Brand: UltimakerPrinter: Ultimaker 2Rafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: 200Infill: 18%Notes: note that there is a nozzle size parameter at the top of the file. The STL files print with a 0.4 mm nozzle.

Also please note that there are wide-ish hinges that require farily long-ish bridging capability of your printer. Be forewarned that if your printer can't bridge 25 mm then your print of the base may be locked up and either not print or break when you crack the joint.

Print two gear.stl files and one base.stl files, put the gears on the base in the obvious locations, and you're good to go!

How I Designed ThisDivine InspriationWe can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, as it says in the bible. Also Jesus told us that he is the vine and we are the branches, so with Him we can do great things and without Him we can do nothing. I personally credit the Lord with most of my ideas and I offer the following concept as evidence: The speed of an idea tells of its source. If I work on something and apply my God-given talents over time, I call it my own idea or work. However if I get one of those light bulb moments, an epiphany or sudden insight then i know it is of divine inspiration simply because the brain does not work that fast. The brain is electrochemical in nature and each neuron firing takes a certain amount of time and many many neurons have to fire in succession and repetition to crank out a thought. I'd like to get an opinion on that from some researchers who study the brain, as it may not be correct but either way I will still maintain that sudden insights are from the Lord.

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