MintyBoost USB Charger Box

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Custom box for the Adafruit MintyBoost USB Charger.  I love this charger but destroyed my last one by leaving the batts in too long which discharged and blew up. I added a switch to hopefully prevent this. I also wanted enough room for a USB cable and for the lid to attach without any hardware.

The blue version was printed at Shapeways, check it out if interested: here.  

Designed this to work with Radio Shack switch #275-0409 and some M2 or #2 screws. The micro USB cable is this one. The hole for the USB is meant to be tight and will require some wiggling (maybe some trimming) to fit. This way the USB lips would catch on the outside and help hold it in place. Some trimming may be needed on the lid catches. The hole height is spaced to work when using the thick, foam tape to secure the circuit board. I highly recommend wiring the switch and installing it before anything else. Getting the bottom screw in is a bit of a pain.

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