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SummaryMy loft window would only hold position at fully open or closed - the gas struts that allowed it to open didn't have intermediate positions... So i designed and printed a variable position bracket to allow me to hold the window open at any position i wanted. Can also be used to keep box,trunk, etc. lids open Printed in PLA @ 0.3mm with a high infill for main support parts No supports or rafts needed (small inbuilt support to remove from 'Window_base.stl) Enjoy! UPDATE 280915: Replaced the file: LoftWindow_base.stl with LoftWindow_base_v2.stl. The break off supports weren't slicing in Cura. This version has slightly wider supports which solves that issue. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE, please DONOT use this bracket as the only support for the window or lid - it should only be used as a stay bracket and in a light loading situation. NEVER use this bracket as a safety device in an environment where small children have access to open windows. I accept no liability for any damage or injury caused by or as a result by the use of this item. ©2014

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