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Summary3D printed Bee House Originally designed for an internal initiative from the company I work for: In addition to Hives, Bees also like to ‘rest’ in Bee houses. Normally, small holes in walls, wood, stone - solitary Bees just ‘chilling out’. The shape of this Bee house was inspired by the sound wave generated by a Bee in flight, Bee coloured, a planter at the top to plant a Bee attracting plant, small various sized holes around the shape and a nail hole to fix it to a wall or tree. 3D Printed in Biodegradable PLA filament - separate coloured layers and glued together using a Bee friendly glue. Research suggests that Bees are beginning to utilise plastics found in their local environment for nest making – potentially, a viable way to produce Bee homes by anyone with a home 3D printer! Enjoy!

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