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SummaryThese mounts can be expensive and they seem to get lost very easily, so… another request from my IT dept to design a 3D printable version. Lots on Thingiverse, but i like a challenge! Fits into a standard Flash Shoe mount, with Ninjaflex clamp ring mount and collar to isolate the mic from any vibration (tan coloured parts). All part are either thread or slot together - no glue should be needed. All parts print without supports at 0.2mm (or higher for threaded parts). Print the Flash shoe mount with 100% infill for strength. The mic clamp is joined at the hinge by a metal 'pin' (see parts photo) i discovered a cut down large paper clip worked great (1.75mm dia). Print in a strong filament of your choice. I used Faberdashery Classic Black http://www.faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/print-materials/classic-black/ and Caramel Ninjaflex http://www.fennerdrives.com/%20ninjaflex3dprinting/_/3d//. NOTE: This mount hasn't been fully tested, i will post updates if parts design evolve. Enjoy!

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