Low Poly Sandals – Ninjaflex (UK size 4)

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SummaryLoosely inspired by Philipe Starck Tong footware- 'Low poly' form version of the sandal printed in Ninjaflex. Left and right feet models included. Ninjaflex can be tricky to print but these came out great after a 15 hour per foot print time. Printed on my UM 2 (standard feeder). 0.2mm, 235C @ 20mm/s. I didn't print with supports and those overhangs are a bit lumpy, but if you can use supports that work then that would help. I would suggest a 20% infill - version shown has a 30% and are a tad stiff! The .stl files included are UK size 4 (230mm length approx) Scale to the size needed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe_size#Adults Enjoy!

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