Humans vs Zombies Foam Dart Blaster

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This foam dart blaster launches three foam darts 15+ feet, depending on the rubber bands used. It attaches to any standard GoPro mount. Just cock back the pusher until it clicks, and the trigger will hold it in place. Place the bullets in the slots and you are ready to fire. NOW is the fun part. When playing humans vs zombies, take an Egyptian Chariot approach. Ride straight into battle with your foam blaster loaded. Go right at the zombies, fire, then make a U-turn and bike away. Reload, Repeat. Future versions will have a cartridge of three foam darts that you can easily lock and load.

You will need two rubber bands, one large and one small. You will need some sandpaper to sand the edges, and a long pointy object to feed the rubber band through. You will need a GoPro bike mount and foam darts.

You can print this at 30% and 0.2 mm layer height with medium supports.

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