Emergency Repair Kit


This Emergency Repair Kit (ERK) was made for those unavoidable, bound to happen bike meltdowns and specifically made for when hoping that it will just fix itself or last until you reach your destination is just not enough. With ERK you will have the appropriate tools to repair it. With ERK when your bike gets a flat tire you aren't forced to get an extra workout in and carry your bike home to then fix it later when you have the tools because you will have all the necessary tools to fix it on the go. It is a design big enough that you can fit a bike pump inside but small enough that it won't interfere with you while you pedal. It also fits personal items; so that lucky charm on your keychain that you’ve had since you were 2 years old doesn’t have to keep poking you in your pocket. ERK is even nosy neighbor proof or curious four-year-old sibling proof that wants everything you have. It does all this with a simple loop that allows for you to lock your ERK. 

The recommended print settings are 80% infill with supports and a raft. These are the links to the recommended bike pumpscrews and hex nuts. The parts needed to build the ERK are 2 pins, 1 lid, 1 bike toolbox box, 4 bike holders, 6 screws, 6 hex nuts

The instructions on how to assemble the ERK is

1.     Print all the parts needed.

2.     Remove any excess support.

3.     Align the lid to the holes located on the body of the ERK. This is where the pins will go and create a hinge (sanding may be required).

4.     Slide the pins in each hole (sanding may be required) to assemble the hinge.

5.     Place one of the bike holders on either the top tube of the bike or the bottom (whichever location you prefer) then connect the second part of the bike holder onto the tube.

6.     Once connected and aligned slide the screw loosely in place.

7.     Align the already assembled ERK onto the holes of the bike holders.

8.     Input the screws in the holes then tighten the hex nuts

9.     Tighten Bike holders as much as you need to prevent it from sliding.

10. Fill your ERK with necessities. (Ex. Band-aids, bike pump, patches, snacks or more!

11. Enjoy your ERK!

Design Files

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bike holder.STL
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bike toolbox box.STL
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