Bose Mini Bike Mount


As many know, it's hard to beat the Bose Mini, and invariably when I ride around with this I get people asking about it and even kids shouting after me (they can't keep up). This design requires that you have a Bose case for your Mini. If you don't I would recommend that you consider getting one, since it provides an extra layer of shock protection. I went down not long ago and was glad I had the extra layer, saved it from scratches and possibly worse. There are many options available with this design: flip the arms  back and forth and moving the clamps parallelograms the mount, raising it up and down, as well as three different arm lengths. I recommend the shortest length that will work for you. The side mount works well for hi rise handlebars, beach cruisers etc.. There's a "lock" included here, which i don't find to be necessary,  but depending on print variations it may be useful. Requires 8 screws, 10-32 x 3/4" long button heads are ideal (i like socket heads which use a 1/8" allen wrench), but you can probably substitute other nearby sizes. No nuts needed with 10-32's. This design is easily printable and requires no support. I recommend ABS, but it works with PLA and other materials that you may have dialed in. Comments, commentary, criticism welcomed. Questions too.

Design Files

File Size

Arm 3 Scaled.stl
506 KB
Bose Sleeve Side Tab Scaled.stl
242 KB
Bose Sleeve Lock 3.stl
40.4 KB
BM4 Bottom Mount.stl
130 KB
Bar Mount 2 Clamp Scaled.stl
186 KB
Bar Mount 1 Two Inch Tab.stl
367 KB
Arm 3 xtra short scaled.stl
506 KB
Arm 3 short scaled.stl
506 KB


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