Naze32 Antivibration Case


SummaryThis is an anti-vibration adaptation of my Naze32 case ( Inspired by Guy McCaldin's designs (, I adapted his approach to my Naze32 case. UPDATE 1: Removed files that gave at least one person troubles. Replaced them with fixed files. UPDATE 2: To answer a couple inquiries, this was printed in PET+. I haven't gotten the printer dialed in for this filament yet so its a bit stringy. Please forgive the relatively poor quality of the print. I printed the original case in PLA, which is why the case looks a bit better in the original design. If your printer is working well, this should print nicely and all parts should fit well. All you have to do is snap the support posts out of the nut / bolt wells and you are ready to assemble.InstructionsUses anti-vibration rubber elastics, which I found at HobbyKing. ( Snap the support posts out of the nut / bolt wells and assemble. You will need 4 12 mm M3 bolts and nuts. The baseplate has standard 30.5 and 45 mm spaced holes for standard mounts.

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