EZ Antenna Tracker / Ground Station, EZtracker Immersion RC

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SummaryNEW EzTracker v2 now available & Cheaper http://www.blackboxrc.co.uk/category_s/128.htm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ImmersionRC-EzAntenna-Tracker-V2-FPV-Plug-Play-FPV-Antenna-Tracker-Fatshark-/231757379087?hash=item35f5d0f60f:g:CVYAAOSwLzdWTFN- ImmersionRC featured RcHobbysUK Eztracker V2 design on there website. http://www.immersionrc.com/3d-print-zone/ Rc EZAntenna Tracker / Ground Station, EZtracker. A Quick Video Can be found on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=924DQiPbUcY Test Flight with the Prototype at 1.3miles with no break ups in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOXegce-bcY Cloud Surfing using the Antenna Tracker http://youtu.be/fef9T6Dp0CA It has been designed using a 180deg Pan servo and a 180deg Tilt servo. 2 x Video / Audio Out 1 x Charge input using 2 banna plugs LCD displaying the battery percentage left and low voltage buzzer. 2 x missile switches 1 for power on and off and one to allow charging to cut connections to electrical devices to prevent damage. Rubber feet to allow it to sit on top of a car Tripod mount Attachment ipad and iphone holder for realtime display of its location. Please Like and follow to keep updated on the progress. VTX for transmitting the received video from the tracker to a second Portable VRX to make the antenna tracker wireless DO NOT CHANGE the orientation of the STl files they are all the correct way for printing. DO NOT USE SUPPORT, any support needed has been added to the parts 40% infill I think anything between 30-50% would be file. I will create a list of what is needed along with detailed build instructions as soon as i have fully tested our prototype. The Pan & Tilt Alloy PIN we used was CNC Machined in house but i have included the stl and with a little sand paper and elbow grease you should be able to get the tight fit on the bearing needed. InstructionsBOM 3D Printed Parts 2 x Servos 2 x RED Phono Socket 2 x Yellow Phono Socket 1 x Red Charge Socket 1 x Black Charge Socket 1 x Vrx & High Gain Antenna 1 x EzTracker 1 x Vtx & standard Antenna / Omni 1 x Lipo Checker LCD PCB. 2 x missile switches 3 x 42mm m3 spacers (for pan and tilt) 4 x 30mm spacers for pan servo mount 26 x 12mm screws 3 x 6mm self tap screws 8 x M3 helicoils TOOLS NEEDED M3 Tap Helicoil Kit Screw Driver Allen Keys Thread Lock Pliers Spanners 2 Part Araldite Double Sided Tape Soldering Iron

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