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SummaryMicroTri is a 250 size Tricopter using a micro servo for the tail yaw It has been designed for the Naze32 Acro Flight Controller which gives it locked in flying characteristics and great speed. Its also an affordable FPV platform. The top plate is vibration free (Clean Plate) using anti vibration dampers so you will get crisp video footage. All of the parts needed can be found on our website at www.RcHobbysUK.Co.UK Download & Enjoy the fun of weaving in and out of trees, bushes buildings and more its great fun. UPDATE v2 Of the Micro Tricopter with foldable arms can be found in our designs by clicking on our pictureInstructionsThings Needed you would need the electronics and hardware kit from RcHobbysUK.co.uk your own 4 channel TX receiver 2 - 3s lipo FPV equipment

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