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SummaryThis a redisigned Prusa i3 Y belt fixing point below the sliding carriage. It fits perfectly GT2 belts and has a one screw fixing clamp that keeps easily in place both sides of the belt. Also in this case I prefer to insert nuts in internal housing of the parts, to obtain a cleaner installation; so you have to write a pause in the G-code. (read instructions)InstructionsAs shown in pictures I search in the preview the last opened layer of nuts housing, then write a "@pause" in the g-code with a rise of Z axis to free the part. This has to be done a second time for the middle nut that has a raised position so it must inserted in a second time resped side nuts. When the printer reach the first pause command stops automatically and move the z axis up. When it stops you can insert side nuts and then manually make a restart of the printing. After few layer the printer make the second pause to allow the insertion of the middle nut. Exit from pause and allow the printer to finish

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