Bicycle Handlebar Hook

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This bicycle handlebar hook helps riders easily carry small objects such as grocery bags, water bottles, umbrellas, and purses when riding. The objective is to allow the rider to keep both hands on the bicycle for safety.

The design is an S shaped hook. The upper hook has a lip that allows it to snuggly fit a standard bicycle handlebar, and stay put when hitting bumps. The objects to be carried hang on the lower hook. The lower hook is thicker in the high stress areas. Two rectangular holes are provided in the upper hook to optionally tighten the hook to the handlebar with a zip tie. Use of a zip tie is highly recommended to help keep the object hanging from the hook away from the bicycle frame and front wheel. All edges are slightly rounded to avoid having sharp edges.

This design has been tested with both SLA (Form 2) and FFF (Ultimaker) printers. Since this hook is load bearing it is highly recommended to use an infill of at least 50% with FFF printers, and UV curing with SLA printers. If using Form 2, the tough resin is recommended. The design can be scaled for non-standard handlebars. 

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