Fusebox 3 point bed leveling adapter(now with LOGO!)

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SummaryI created an adapter so that I could use 3 point bed leveling on a Fusebox. Screws onto the bed frame right at the end of the extrusions, but use the third hole on your heated bed to line it up perfectly. Note: This may not quite fit your setup. Here is the link to TinkerCAD if you need to edit it: https://tinkercad.com/things/5SHOg6t36YY All you should need to do is to make sure the length works, and the center hole lines up with your bed. 06/09/2016 - Updated the stl to raise the middle section so a much longer screw isn't needed. Oriented so supports won't be required. 06/16/2016 - Updated the stl because the raised middle section was bending under the pressure of the spring. Thickened that up, beefed up support for the the screw holes, added FuseBox logo.Print SettingsSupports: NoResolution: 0.3Infill: 30%Notes: I used standard Fusebox print settings, but with 3 perimeters the infill only applies to the middle section the spring pressure is applied to, so make sure it's enough to prevent bending.

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